Domain Squatting: Buy and Keep the Best URLs

A few years ago, the web development company for the George W. Bush administration accidentally let the domain “” expire in a fleeting moment – or maybe few days – of disorganisation.

The domain belonged to the George W Bush Foundation and was an archive of millions of pages of official text records documenting his two-term administration. When the domain expired, it meant it was up for the highest bid, to anyone. A “domain squatter” snatched the opportunity and bought the domain for less than $10! Talk about the jackpot!

Cash & Support from The Prince's Trust

I would like to document my experience with the Prince’s Trust, which has been entirely positive, useful and very refreshing. If you are thinking of looking into what they offer then this article will hopefully be useful.

For those unaware of the activities of The Prince’s Trust, it is best described as a business start-up aid for under privileged or under funded entrepreneurs claiming Job Seekers Allowance, needing cash and support to drive their idea forward. After I finished my university course some years ago I struggled to find a job despite my efforts and ended up applying for the program.

Home Based Biz? Save Cash! Don't Pay the BBC TV Licence

The BBC Licencing agents cannot enter your home unless you invite them in. Even if they do threaten you for not having a BBC licence, it doesn't matter, as it's only required if watching or recording live TV.

By instead using the iPlayer’s on demand /catch up service, you are not breaching any regulations and can continue to exploit this loophole until something major changes in the BBC’s broadcast policy. A “broadband tax” has been proposed and could be government sanctioned, but for now is on the horizon.

"The Richest Man in Babylon" - George S, Clason (Book Review)

The success secrets of the Ancients – the most inspiring book on wealth ever written.
If you care one bit about your personal finance , how to manage your assets and what to do to improve your lot in life, you must get hold of this book. 

The greatest thing you can do is educate yourself and understand your own assets - so reading really is the way forward. 

Admittedly, this book title sounds far fetched but this owes to the author choosing not the usual manner of most self help books, but instead using a fictional narrative to tell stories about the personal lives of the protagonists. And it all takes place in Babylon, 5000 BC…