Turn Your Town into Top Selling Art

Selling original art has its time and place if people are willing to pay the asking price. The town I am from was hit particularly hard by the recession and has limped on ever since with businesses frequently closing. I’ve seen high priced original art for sale locally which remains unsold after several years! Taking this into account I realised that to make any kind of profit on an original piece I would first need to cover my time and costs which pushes up the asking price.

Market Research and Your Business Strategy

Competitive financial research is an essential part of a business’s corporate strategy. You might have a handle on your own operations, but it’s important to know what your rivals are doing in order to get a broader picture of the marketplace.

Competitive intelligence is actually a complex field of study, which many academics and analysts devote their careers to. However, you don’t need to specialise in data collection to gather and examine information on competitors.