"Poke The Box" - Seth Godin (Book Review)

“Poke The Box” is the first Seth Godin book I’ve purchased having become familiar with his blog posts, interviews, videos, lectures and talks.

The book was mentioned on an internet marketing podcast that I listen to regularly so decided to order it on a whim.

The central theme hinges on the notion of starting by taking action.

It’s about dispelling the fear of failure and inhibition when we want to commence a new project or activity. Lack of imagination, poor attitude and society’s disapproval of those who upset the applecart is something perpetually holding the best of us back.

Social Networking On Your Day Off

Social networking seems very easy for some people. They can walk into a room and in a few minutes they'll be talking and getting to know the most important people there. 

They're lucky, many others have trouble with basic networking skills. This can cost them job opportunities, customers, and chances to advance their career.

Still, even if you're an introvert, you can increase your network, helping your job opportunities and expanding your career options. The best part is you can do it in your spare time and even have some fun doing it. All you need to do is find your interests.

How to Improve SEO for Your Small Business Website in 2013

If you want to improve the success of your small business website, you need to actively work on your website’s SEO.

By improving the SEO of your small business website, you will be able to increase the number of visitors that come to your website by getting your website to move up the search engine rankings. While this process of improving your website’s SEO is not complicated, it is time consuming and requires a sound strategy in order to succeed.

I was hired to perform an SEO campaign for one small business company. Here are my advice based on my own experience.

Should You Expand Your Small Business Abroad?

Any small business needs to consider how it is going to progress.

A business that provides a very local service may not need to look beyond a small geographical location, but businesses that rely on sales or a variety of services may have the option of launching into foreign markets. 

3 Tips for Cutting Small Business Expenses

To make money you need to spend money; running a small business incurs all sorts of costs from paying staff salary to purchasing shipping supplies.

Unless you have been highly diligent in tracking how your business spends money, chances are you may be putting out more than you need, which is directly impacting your profit margin.

If you are struggling a bit, it is high time to take a good look at where your money is going to see where you can make some cash-preserving tweaks. Here are some tips to cut your business expenses.