Finance Apps: Could They Benefit You?

Are you looking to get your bank balance in order throughout 2013? If so, a finance app or two might be just what you need.

They’ll help you stay on top of your bills, including home insurance, utility charges and boiler cover and give you the peace of mind you need. Here are a few you might want to check out.

UK Salary Counter – iPhone, iPod touch, iPad

If you’re about to change jobs or have always wondered how much you bring home after tax, student loan repayments, National Insurance, pension contributions and other factors, this app is the one for you! Simply enter your annual, hourly, daily, weekly or monthly wage and it will give you an idea how much you’ll have to spend after your hard graft. Payments can be adjusted at any time and you can save your settings for future reference.

Money Smart – iPhone

Money Smart is a clever little application which allows you to track and keep tabs of your expenses, incomes, budgets and bills. Thanks to its intuitive design you can manage reports, analyse multiple accounts and get daily, weekly, monthly or annual statistics at the drop of a hat. You can also email your expenses, track recurring and non-recurring bills and receive payment reminders when money is due. This app can be protected using a password and is available to use on the go making it highly convenient.

Account Tracker – iPhone, iPod touch, iPad

The great thing about this app is it allows you to track spending and monitor balances across multiple accounts. It’s efficient, easy to use and contains a wide range of features that will help you pay bills on time, set budgets, compile reports and enjoy multi-currency support. You can also import historical transactions or bank statements from a CSV file, keep an eye on your savings and separate accounts into groups making personal business funds easy to identify.

Savings Goals – iPhone, iPod touch, iPad

Whether you’re looking to save for a wedding, a new car or just want some money in a pot to pay for other household necessities, Saving Goals can help you out. All you need to do is enter a target amount and date and it will work out how much you have to put aside each week or month to achieve your goal. This app can also produce a savings schedule, so you know exactly when payments need to be made and features a graphical display which will let you see your progress visually.
There are a wide range of finance apps available these days, so it’s worth downloading some of the best.

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