Link Bait Specific CommentLuv Blog Posts to Market Your Content

CommentLuv is an RSS enabled comment system designed to fetch the link of your latest blog post and add it below your text comment. This has potential for marketing a website or products available for purchase.

Assuming your comment is approved by the site owner, your link will be permanently displayed as a footnote of sorts.

The link does not change when you update your blog; that particular post title will forever be associated with the comment you entered even when your blog feed is updated with new content.

CommentLuv is popular because readers are incentivised to engage and leave comments.

I recently published a post on book keeping and expenses. I searched Google for other blog articles that were using CommentLuv focussed on the same topic. I knew by doing this I would have the opportunity to add my genuine views as well as leaving the automatic backlink to my own related article.

Spread the Luv... accurately

To see results with the CommentLuv method, it's a case of repeatedly commenting on high ranking relevant blog posts or sites using CommentLuv. You may see no immediate gain which is why it is best to target sites with whom you envisage long term benefits.

If you're commenting on blogs, but plan on publishing a different article the following day, you only have until then to comment topics relevant to whatever post is currently live on your blog. The existing post remains fresh in your RSS feed.

Remember, when you submit your blog comment, CommentLuv records your RSS feed link as a moment in time. 

If you look back at a specific article on which you made a contribution 6 months down the line, you'll notice nothing has changed with your link. It will forever remain relevant to the subject of the discussion.

I often read popular articles and read hundreds of great contributions from other blog authors but their CommentLuv link is wildly off topic and is unlikely to solicit casual interest. If I just read a blog article about business invoicing, will someone's backlink about TV repair in Atlanta pique my interest? No.

Bonus features of CommentLuv

Once you have made a certain number of comments on a site, you will unlock the ability to display any of your last ten posts. Blog owners also have the right to choose whether CommentLuv displays Do-Follow or No-Follow links. It is usually the very generous blog owners who allow such luxuries and I'm usually right in assuming these enabled features are not the rule.

Think about getting CommentLuv on your own site or blog and the chances are the activity and reader interest will increase. Google likes genuine engagement and Matt Cutts has stated the algorithm updates are taking cues from "social signals". In other words, get real people saying real things on your site and Google will reward you in the search rankings.

Avoiding classic commenting mistakes

Hit and run tactics will not work and serve only to frustrate the blog/site owner. One liner comments are transparently obvious as a self serving, selfish and bare minimum effort to fulfill the basic criteria of the required fields and deploy backlinks. Often these comments are automatically generated by spam bots and show up as gibberish or broken English.

Adopting the correct attitude

Relevant and thoughtful remarks submitted through a website or blog's comment system are a thousand times more likely to be approved by the webmaster and viewed by readers real people who might click through to your site. If you've written an authoritative article, think of your commenting activity as an extension of your perspective and writing ability.

The best blog commentators understand the importance of gaining the trust and respect of those who actively participate in blogging communities. Sometimes, it is better to make yourself noticed on the blog owner's radar first and without dropping links. To be endlessly self serving will only hurt your long term reputation among the already established influencers of a community. If you wish to promote your content in the long term, it will involve a little restraint while you build affinity.

Useful links

DropMyLink- a mini search engine for blogs. You can search CommentLuv blogs


  • When commenting on a blog post for the first time, think about leaving your links completely out of the equation.
  • Build up a rapport with the blog owner and engage with them by email or their forum if they have one.
  • Reply to other readers comments and try to help them resolve issues or questions.
  • Actually READ the blog post you're commenting on!
  • Before reading a blog post, check CommentLuv is enabled and accepting new contributions.
  • Use CommentLuv wisely. Your latest blog post will be displayed so choose what you comment on carefully.
  • Copy and paste long comments to the clip board. Having a timeout error or incorrect Captcha can wipe out your lovingly crafted contribution. CTRL & A followed by CTRL & C does it for me.
  • Some blog owners can choose to allow you to display any one of your last 10 posts. Assume this as the exception and not the rule.
  • Subscribe to comments updates and be prepared to engage in a lively conversation 
  • Register your email with Gravatar. A small image appears next to each comment you make.