Link Bait Specific CommentLuv Blog Posts to Market Your Content

CommentLuv is an RSS enabled comment system designed to fetch the link of your latest blog post and add it below your text comment. This has potential for marketing a website or products available for purchase.

Assuming your comment is approved by the site owner, your link will be permanently displayed as a footnote of sorts.

The link does not change when you update your blog; that particular post title will forever be associated with the comment you entered even when your blog feed is updated with new content.

CommentLuv is popular because readers are incentivised to engage and leave comments.

Finance Apps: Could They Benefit You?

Are you looking to get your bank balance in order throughout 2013? If so, a finance app or two might be just what you need.

They’ll help you stay on top of your bills, including home insurance, utility charges and boiler cover and give you the peace of mind you need. Here are a few you might want to check out.

7 Ways to Make Your Small Business Look Bigger

We live in an age where the empowered consumer constantly agonises and deliberates how to use and spend their cash. Businesses must stand up to increased scrutiny during austere times where prospects are harbouring real or imagined excuses to not do business with you.

Lack of confidence in the economy means some people are chasing a deluded paradigm of the perfect business offering the greatest value at the lowest prices. For this reason being a small business is not always considered a good attribute.

There is only one chance to make a first impression and is usually what makes or breaks a sale. The following tips offer a few thoughts to improve the perception of your small business and deal with some of the objections people subconsciously have.

Top Tips for Businesses Looking to Save Energy This Winter

With the short, and not to mention cold, winter days having well and truly taken hold, businesses up and down the country will be noticing significantly higher energy bills, with lights and heating being used a lot more often.

However, winter doesn't have to be as an expensive a season as it is, and there are a whole range of simple but effective ways to reduce those energy bills.