British Arts Council Funding: Cash for Creatives

Do you run a small business in the creative industries? If yes, you might be eligible for a chunk of cash provided by a lottery funding pool.

Arts Council England, the non-profit entity that provide information, support and money on UK arts grants, can help you find out if you qualify for a slice of the £2b public money available to grow or support your business or organisation.

They support many activities in the arts and humanities such as design, reading, dance, literature, music and more.

Working Tax Credits Entitlement for the Self Employed

If you live in the UK, are aged 25 or over, work at least 30 hours a week and are on a low income you qualify for government benefit payments known as Tax Credits. You may also qualify if you have a child.

The higher your income, the less Working Tax Credits you are eligible for. This is something you definitely want to look into if you’re starting a business because it gives you some money even if your business isn’t yet turning a profit.

Ways to Grow Your Business in the Current UK Economy

News that Blockbuster has become the latest high-street retailer to fall into administration casts a dark cloud over the business world. 

The UK shifted officially out of recession last year and many people thought that meant we’d see a steady rise in business growth again. But, despite this encouraging sign, the UK economy is still in considerable trouble.

Although the government has implemented a series of initiatives to help, small businesses are still struggling to get banks to start lending to them again. Well-managed businesses need loans to promote their growth and start creating more jobs for the economy. But, at the moment banks are failing to meet the needs of small businesses. Smaller financial lenders and quick cash providers are happy to help businesses in need of extra funds to keep up with payments. A small cash loan will relieve your immediate financial strains, but it may not be enough to cover the very large expenses associated with growing a business.