The 7 Step Plan to Creating an Eco-Friendly Business

How you can tap into the greater social conscience and become an environmentally responsible business. Save money as well as leaving a positive footprint.

A DIY Database for Small Biz Customer Management (2014 Update)

Every "cold call" you make needs to be logged and recorded under EU law. If you directly solicit prospects you HAVE to keep a record of your activities. The burden of proof is greater on direct marketers.

The Dreaded Business Plan: Do You REALLY Need One?

Writing a business plan is an activity some of us swear by while others detest it. A bank manager or crowd funding collective will want to see evidence of careful thought and planning before investing hard cash in a business.

Is Business Reality TV Responsible for Business Failure?

The Apprentice stopped being about business and became a ratings vehicle based on narcissists, braggers and bullies. It hasn't always been this way though.

Ways to Grow Your Business in the Recession 

Pointers to help you evaluate your business during a downturn. 

7 Ways to Make Your Small Business Look Bigger

Easy to implement ideas for giving your business a more established appearance. 

Social Networking On Your Day Off 

Tips and ideas for expanding your circle of contacts.

Should You Expand Your Small Business Abroad?

Can you take your operations to another country?

Wasted Opportunities #3: No Written Contract & Damaged Relationship

Why it's good idea to get agreements in writing and go on record.

Leverage Seasonal Sales Trends

When to spend extra time and money on your products or services.

Wasted Opportunities #2: Music Tribute Night & Artwork Not Sold

A diary entry detailing an idea not followed through.

Are You Serious about Self Employment?

The Office for National Statistics show business survival is DEcreasing while StartUpTracker shows start-ups are in fact INcreasing. Are too many people getting in over their head?

Wasted Opportunities #1: Rainy Days & Umbrellas Not Sold

A couple of mistakes I've made in the past, mainly because of hesitation and lack of action.

"Be Your Own Boss" - The New Candidate from the BBC

A new business talent spotting show airing on BBC3 follows Innocent Drinks cofounder Richard Reed, and his attempts to find young blood in which to invest his own cash.

The Pedlar's Certificate: Get Licenced to Sell Goods on the Move

Are you selling goods locally? Get the correct permission to sell goods in your area if travelling rather than at a fixed pitch. A pedlar's licence is about £12 annually..

No money? No support? No confidence? No skills? No one listening to you? If you're aged between 14 and 30, then The Prince's Trust could help you move forward.