Why You Do Not Need to Pay Self Employment Taxes to HMRC

If you're self employed but not yet turning a profit, there is no need to pay the UK Class 2 National Insurance Contributions (NICs).
Save Money By Declaring Your Business Premises Does Not Need a TV Licence

Those of you in the UK running a small business from home or an office can save money by not purchasing a BBC licence fee. You'll be saving a small amount but everything helps. If your business is not yet profitable this money can be used for something useful.
Finance Apps: Could They Benefit You?

Are you looking to get your bank balance in order throughout 2013? If so, a finance app or two might be just what you need.
Top Tips for Businesses Looking to Save Energy This Winter

Winter doesn't have to be as an expensive a season as it is, and there are a whole range of simple but effective ways to reduce those energy bills.
3 Tips for Cutting Small Business Expenses

Unless you have been highly diligent in tracking how your business spends money, chances are you may be putting out more than you need, which is directly impacting your profit margin.
Different Types of Bank Account

There are many types of bank account available, from instant access current accounts to high interest savings accounts.
Save Cash: Don't Pay the BBC Licence Fee

The BBC Licencing agents cannot enter your home unless you invite them in. Even if they do threaten you for not having a BBC licence, it doesn't matter, as it's only required if watching or recording live TV.

Exercise Your Rights!

Are you getting a good deal each time you part with your cash?

Skype: Free PC-PC Calls Through Your ISP

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a technology allowing totally free PC-PC phone calls or cheap PC-landline calls through your internet connection. Having an unlimited download rate with your ISP means VoIP really does save you money.

Make Money Through Loophole Cashback Shopping Sites

Cashback shopping sites fall into an advertising loophole scenario where you, the customer, are rewarded for signing up to products and services without actually spending money.