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Data Protection
Cookies, Privacy & Permission: Is Your Website Legal? (Video)

Small businesses and organisations need to read carefully if they have a website. A privacy policy and a cookie consent opt out button MUST be included if you collect personal data or use cookie tracking software on your site. Please read this to avoid penalties.

FacebookFacebook Are In Business to Make Money, Not Friends

A brief analysis of Facebook's corporate bottom line, decisions, future and the potential consequences for both marketers and consumers.

Google Calendar SMS Reminders - A Handy Free Tool for Businesses

Google Calendar is a VERY useful tool and something I use together with their free SMS service to remind myself to invoice clients. You can set up Google Calendar in a way that automatically sends a text message to your phone whenever you wan.

Facebook Page Image Upload Tips (Video)

This free Youtube video examines image width and height, Facebook's automatic photo cropping, how to neatly organise your uploads into labelled folders and how to add descriptions with links.

Marketers Are on Social Media to Sell - Consumers Are Not

Are you a small business or marketer trying to use social media to promote something for profit? Make sure you are not making these common mistakes and be prepared to adjust your mindset.

Google Plus - Backlinking to Your Website & Social Media (Video)

If you are a small business using Google Plus, make sure you're getting the most out of it for potential referral traffic (as well as simple SEO). Free Online Listings to Boost Your Small Business (Video)

Why a small business targeting local geographical keywords in the search engines must list their details elsewhere on the web.
5 Excellent Podcasts for Small Businesses and Modern Marketers

Are you educating yourself with audio podcasts? Check out this short list of must-listen audio material to help you drive your business.
The Power of Google Plus for Local Businesses

Our favourite search engine gives weight to websites, landing pages and virtual real estate that are using Google products as part of their marketing. All local businesses should take note of these tips as standard procedure.
Think Long Term for Your Small Biz Digital Marketing (Video)

Consider visibility, familiarity and positive reputation on a long term basis.
Creating Business Partnerships Through Social Media

If you are a business owner, you have a fantastic opportunity to create strong, long-lasting partnerships with other businesses, and business professionals, that can lead to greater success for your company.
Create a Twitter Voucher Code Widget for Local Businesses

Using the Twitter widget you can display a single Tweet on a business website in the form of a custom discount code. It is powerful, free and flexible.
Link Bait Specific CommentLuv Blog Posts to Market Your Content

How to build traffic to your site through blog commenting. This article specifically looks at the popular blog comment system "CommentLuv" and examines how it can funnel traffic back to your own website.
Finance Apps: Could They Benefit You?

Are you looking to get your bank balance in order throughout 2013? If so, a finance app or two might be just what you need.
Corporate Website - DIY or Outsource?

There’s no question about it: a website is essential for any business. If you don’t exist on the web, it’s like you don’t exist at all.
How to Improve SEO for Your Small Business Website in 2013

By improving the SEO of your small business website, you will be able to increase the number of visitors that come to your website by getting your website to move up the search engine rankings.
Boost eBay Sales with Youtube Videos

If you're selling an item on eBay, think about filming the item with added commentary and uploading it to YouTube. Most mobile phones have a camera allowing you to create a basic, information-rich sales pitch.
How to Survive as An Online Freelancer

Succeeding in the freelance market isn’t as easy as owning a laptop and declaring yourself a freelancer - there are a multitude of problems and hurdles you’ll face along the way.
Earn Sales Commissions from QR Code Marketing

A detailed guide based on my own experience of using QR (quick read) barcodes.QR codes point to URLs making them highly effective for driving traffic to websites.
Social Networking On Your Day Off 

Tips and ideas for expanding your circle of contacts.
Twitter Mood Predicts Stock Market?

An article examining a company pioneering algorithmic software analysing the mood of Twitter to determine the behaviour of markets. The type of language Twitter uses publish in their tweets supposedly offers foresight into the direction of the economy.
Optimising Email Marketing Campaigns

The opportunities in the internet business marketplace for cost effective advertising are immense, which is why a properly run email marketing campaign can be such an important part of almost any business.
Make Cash: Advertise Fast Food Menus Online

A micro niche internet marketing local business idea you can try yourself. The fast food menus are the "content" which can be easily found in search engines if you target specific geographic keywords and business names.
Domain Squatting: Buy and Keep the Best URLs

An anecdote from a few years ago when a savvy opportunist bought the temporarily expired URL of the George W Bush online archive. Yes that's right - someone actually acquired a presidential website address!
Tomorrow’s Sports Stars: Buy Top Level Domains, Build Fan Sites, Create Value

How you can conduct research and become an armchair talent spotter. Look for promising young sports stars and set about buying up domains and building their online PR. You can legally own what will become a much sought after URL.
Skype: Free PC-PC Calls Through Your ISP

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a technology allowing totally free PC-PC phone calls or cheap PC-landline calls through your internet connection. Having an unlimited download rate with your ISP means VoIP really does save you money.
Work From Home as an Internet Assessor

A popular question I’ve seen on many forums is whether legitimate opportunities to work from home via the internet exist. In a word, yes, such jobs do exist but there are only a few I know of that aren’t scams and are definitely worthwhile.