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The Dreaded Business Plan: Do You REALLY Need One?

Writing a business plan is an activity some of us absolutely swear by while others detest it. A bank manager, crowd funding collective or group of investors will want to see evidence of careful thought and consideration before investing hard cash in a business.
Invoice Finance: How to Borrow Against Customer Bills

Invoice Finance is a service offered by a range of financial organisations to help businesses plan and manage their cash flow more effectively.
British Arts Council Funding: Cash for Creatives

Do you run a small business in the creative industries? If yes, you might be eligible for a chunk of cash provided by a lottery funding pool.
Working Tax Credits Entitlement for the Self Employed

If you live in the UK, are aged 25 or over, work at least 30 hours a week and are on a low income you qualify for government benefit payments known as Tax Credits. You may also qualify if you have a child.
Ways to Grow Your Business in the Current UK Economy

Small businesses are still struggling to get banks to start lending to them again. Well-managed businesses need loans to promote their growth and start creating more jobs for the economy.
Finance Apps: Could They Benefit You?

Are you looking to get your bank balance in order throughout 2013? If so, a finance app or two might be just what you need.
Raise Capital for the Big Business Idea

Funding a business venture can be complicated and time consuming if you don’t know where to begin. Over the years I have created various small income streams from virtually nothing (and minimal investment) but which one day may warrant a loan or cash injection.
5 Ways to Finance Importing Goods

If you intend to import goods from outside the EU to the UK you may be thinking of ways to raise capital finance from a third party. There are certain best practices you might be interested in reading about.
Twitter Mood Predicts Stock Market?

A case study on Derwent Capital, a company pioneering algorithmic software analysing words in Twitter tweets. From this social media language the general mood of any given nation can be calculated and used to predict the behaviour of economic markets.
Market Research and Your Business Strategy

Competitive financial research is an essential part of a business’s corporate strategy. You might have a handle on your own operations, but it’s important to know what your rivals are doing in order to get a broader picture of the marketplace.
Different Types of Bank Account

There are many types of bank account available, from instant access current accounts to high interest savings accounts.  Here, we shall discuss the various types in order to help you decide on the right bank account for you.
How to Organise Your Business Finances

It’s important to decide how your company will deal with the more mundane tasks of business management - filing tax returns, keeping records, invoicing and paying out salaries.
Cash & Support from The Prince's Trust

I would like to document my experience with the Prince’s Trust, which has been entirely positive, useful and very refreshing. If you are thinking of looking into what they offer then this article will hopefully be useful.